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DataCore Software is the worldwide developer of storage virtualisation and application performance optimisation software that empowers disk storage resources; managing and optimizing flash memory, hard drives, storage arrays and ‘Cloud storage’ across all vendors and devices within both virtual and physical IT environments. Our software maximises performance for your applications. If you are suffering issues with SQL, ERP or Oracle responsiveness, chances are the root cause lies within your infrastructure cores using serial vs parallel processing of I/O. DataCore has reversed that, offering storage, infrastructure and database managers with an alternate parallel I/O path to ensure that applications are never starved, or competing for, I/O. And, when the industry body, the SPC Council, made up of representatives from competitive manufacturers, put us to the test, we smashed the performance record to become the worlds fastest storage. We are local too! From Reading and Wakefield. Come say Hi on M246.

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How to Speed Your SQL Performance in Easy Steps
If dwindling SQL Performance is slowing you down, then this Solutions Brief is an essential read. Containing the top 3 causes of SQL performance and latency together with hints and tips as to how to override this depressingly common situation

Solution Brief SQL Server ENGLISH Dec 2016.pdf 3.41 MB