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FireMon (www.firemon.com) is the world leader in enterprise security devices management. We help organisations find, correct and ultimately avoid gaps in their existing network security infrastructure. Our proactive, real-time enterprise security management platform gives security decision makers key management and operations data to reduce risk and provide appropriate levels of access. The FireMon Security Intelligence Platform provides continuous, real-time visibility into network security infrastructure, policy effectiveness and underlying IT risk, allowing organisations to optimise existing defenses, remediate exposed vulnerabilities and prevent today’s multi-staged attacks.
FireMon Security Manager and its Policy Planner and Risk Analyser modules empower organisations to:

• Analyse, manage and control firewall, routers, switches, etc… configurations centrally and more accurately
• Cleanup and improve policies to reduce complexity and limit access, even as demands change
• Cleanup device rules across the entire network to ensure that policies result in end-to-end protection
• Migrate firewalls and legacy devices faster, validating that defenses remain in place
• Analyse and report on compliance to comply with regulations and document mandated assessment
• Identify underlying instances of IT risk left exposed to access and inform necessary remediation efforts
• Retain real-time visibility into the effectiveness of all security device infrastructure to continually adjust defenses as requirements change

FireMon Seminars

  • Still struggling on with yesterday’s tools? Threat hunting the Firemon way Dawid Kowalski  |   FireMon   |   Thu 27th Apr 12:20 - 12:50

    Still struggling on with yesterday’s tools? Threat hunting the Firemon way

    Still Struggling with Yesterday’s Tools? Threat Hunting the FireMon Way

    Threat hunting as a discipline is still very primitive for many organisations. Most hunting teams assemble data manually from a host of sources in hopes to find attackers and stop a breach. How does one target, detect and disrupt sophisticated attackers when their alerting systems can’t keep up?

    It begins by recognising that data aggregation is only the start. Though investment has increased, traditional even management tools continue to fail, while producing more alerts than can be counted…forget about analysed.

    Join us for this talk where we will share how FireMon is helping organisation enter a new era of threat hunting.


    Dawid Kowalski

    Dawid KowalskiMore

    Time / Place

    Thu 27th Apr 12:20 to 12:50

    Cyber Threat Intelligence Theatre