25 - 26 April 2018 / Manchester Central


Stand: L230

KALEAO provides a new generation of enterprise and cloud computing by natively converging computation, storage, networking and virtualization into compact, energy efficient, transparent, integrated hardware and software solutions.

KALEAO solution uses a hardware-managed approach to elastically create system global resource pools, and a patented “physicalization” approach to rapidly and invisibly allocate a portion of the global resources across required applications.
This allows matching high-speed performance with the flexibility and agility of a software defined infrastructure, increasing the manageability, scalability and performance of the infrastructure with a positive impact on IT productivity.

Reduce space: 192x 8-core servers in a 3U rack, with 48x SSD slots and embedded 10/40Gb network switch.

Save energy: Less than 15W per complete 8-core server, including the compute, memory, storage and networking.

Reduce cost: Single-handed infrastructure management. Seamless integration and scaling of hardware and appliance with faster service deployment.