IP EXPO Manchester 2019 - Nasuni
3-4 April 2019 / Manchester Central

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Nasuni enables enterprises to store and synchronise files across any number of global locations at any scale. Powered by the Nasuni UniFS® global file system, Nasuni file services stores unstructured data in object storage from providers such as Amazon, Dell EMC, IBM, and Microsoft, while caching actively used data wherever it is needed - on-premises or in the cloud - for high performance access.
Customers use Nasuni to effortlessly share and collaborate on files across multiple sites, consolidate Network Attached Storage (NAS) and remote and branch office file servers, and eliminate the pain of file backup. The world's largest manufacturing, construction, creative services, technology, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods companies rely on Nasuni to enhance workforce productivity, reduce IT cost and complexity, and maximise the business value of their file data. Nasuni is based in Boston, Mass. USA. For more information, visit www.nasuni.com

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Nasuni Seminars

  • How to Use Object Storage for Remote Office File Server Consolidation and High-Speed, Cross-Site File Sharing Wed 25th Apr 14:20 - 14:50

    How to Use Object Storage for Remote Office File Server Consolidation and High-Speed, Cross-Site File Sharing

    Object storage is the new disk, offering unlimited pools of cheap, highly available storage capacity. Learn how the world’s largest enterprises are now using object storage with Nasuni’s global file system to transform how they store, synchronise, protect, and manage unstructured data across all locations. You’ll see how companies that rely heavily on files – construction, media, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, and more – are using Nasuni with Azure, Amazon, Dell EMC and IBM public and private cloud object storage to increase agility, speed, and time-to-market, while substantially reducing IT cost and complexity.


    Andy Hardy

    Andy HardyMore

    Time / Place

    Wed 25th Apr 14:20 to 14:50

    Hyperconvergence, Storage & Backup Theatre

  • Unleashing the Potential of Object Storage & Accelerating Cloud-First Initiatives with the First Global File System Thu 26th Apr 11:00 - 11:30

    Unleashing the Potential of Object Storage & Accelerating Cloud-First Initiatives with the First Global File System

    What do Azure, AWS, IBM, and Dell EMC ECS have in common? All are leveraging Nasuni UniFS® for scalable file storage and cross-site synchronisation. Nasuni offers the first global file system designed for private and public cloud object storage, so it scales without the limits of legacy controller-based file systems. Learn how Nasuni consolidates distributed file servers and NAS, enables high-speed file collaboration across any number of locations, improves file recovery points and times, simplifies DR, and accelerates business growth. All while reducing costs up to 60% compared to traditional file infrastructure.


    Andy Hardy

    Andy HardyMore

    Time / Place

    Thu 26th Apr 11:00 to 11:30

    Cloud Architecture Theatre

White papers

ESG was engaged by Nasuni to conduct a detailed Economic Value Validation (EVV) and develop a quantitative model that can be used to assess how Nasuni’s Enterprise File Services better store and manage unstructured data over a three-year period.

Nasuni-Analyst-Report-ESG-Quantifying-the-Value-of-Nasuni-Enterprise-File-Services.pdf 1.88 MB

Nasuni For Manufacturing Industry Solution Brief
Powered by the first global file system designed to live in Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, and other public and private cloud object stores, Nasuni (“NAS Unified”) is the modern, pay-as-you-grow file services solution for manufacturing.

Nasuni-Solution-Brief-Manufacturing 2017.pdf 299.55 kB

Nasuni for Oil & Gas Industry Solution Brief
Nasuni® is the new strategic platform for Oil and Gas firms that need scalable file storage, multi-site file collaboration, and simpler storage administration.

Industry -Solution-Brief-Nasuni for Oil & Gas March 2018.pdf 2.07 MB

Nasuni for Architecture, Engineering & Construction Solution Brief
AEC firms that need to share project files across multiple locations have realised the cloud is the answer to improved design efficiency, greater productivity, and lower costs. And that Nasuni is the ideal hybrid cloud solution.

Industry Solution Brief_ AEC Nov 2017.pdf 382.26 kB

Nasuni for Media and Advertising Industry Solution Brief
Nasuni cloud-scale enterprise file services is the new strategic platform for storage, data protection, and global file access in media and advertising.

Nasuni-Solution-Brief-Nasuni-For-Media-and-Advertising 2017.pdf 497.63 kB

Nasuni Overview- Nasuni Enterprise File Services
Nasuni Enterprise File Services - A global file system for cloud storage that enables files to be stored and synchronised across all locations at any scale

Nasuni Overview March 2018.pdf 1.60 MB

Nasuni UniFS – a True Global File System Whitepaper
Nasuni (“NAS Unified”) is transforming the way enterprises store, share, protect, and manage fast-growing file data.

UniFS® A True Global File System WP 2018.pdf 1.61 MB