25 - 26 April 2018 / Manchester Central


Stand: K240

RingCentral`s cloud phone solution meets the needs of modern distributed and mobile workforces,while eliminating the expense and complications of traditional hardware-based systems and software.

The traditional phone system remains largely unchanged for over 50 years, yet the technology around us has changed dramatically. Since 2003, RingCentral has pioneered new ways of working through our own cloud phone system. Over 300,000 customers are already benefiting from greater flexibility, collaboration and control. It`s the ideal time for you to embrace the future of business communications.

Instead of connecting phones to an on-premise PBX, RingCentral phones plug into your router and connect across the Internet to RingCentral data centres. All of the RingCentral Office phone system settings and configurations are located in the datacentres-administrators can manage the system and users can change their settings using web forms, from any device with Internet access. Smart apps installed on your desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones transform them into powerful extensions of your business phone system, suited for many business environments beyond the office.

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