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Silver Peak is the global leader in Broadband and Hybrid WAN solutions. Geographically distributed enterprises view the cloud and wide area network as critical to connecting users to applications. Strategic IT leaders are under pressure to balance the complexities of managing legacy infrastructure while accelerating the migration to the cloud which can compromise their effectiveness. Silver Peak offers a high-performance SD-WAN solution that provides secure and reliable virtual overlays to connect users to applications with the flexibility to use any combination of underlying transport without compromising application performance. This results in greater business agility and lower costs.

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  • Not all SD-WANS are created equal - Why performance matters Simon Pamplin  |   Silver Peak   |   Thu 27th Apr 12:20 - 12:50

    Not all SD-WANS are created equal - Why performance matters

    The data centre is increasingly becoming ruled by software. Software defined storage, software defined networks, virtual machines, and network function virtualization are all changing the way technology is deployed. In this session we will review the software defined landscape, paying close attention to the Software Defined WAN and how it can lower costs, reduce deployment times, and create a more flexible infrastructure. Importantly we will discuss technologies and capabilities covering Performance, Network Visibility, Service chaining and Security that define how you Build a Better WAN.


    Simon Pamplin

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    Thu 27th Apr 12:20 to 12:50

    Cloud & Mobility Theatre

White papers

Which Way to the Cloud-Ready WAN
The movement to cloud-based services is well underway. Read how the WAN architecture should follow suit.

Whitepaper - Which Way to the Cloud-Ready WAN.pdf 493.75 kB

The Software-Defined WAN
This eGuide covers issues such as: - What does a next-generation WAN look like? - Why communications service providers need to implement SD-WAN - How our SD-WAN solution boosts application performance - Fixing internet VPNs with SD-WAN

Whitepaper - The Software-Defined WAN.pdf 2.33 MB

SD-WAN Driving Business Benefits
Read this analyst report from Moor Insights and Strategy to discover why a changing business landscape demands a different WAN approach.

Analyst Report - SD-WAN Driving Business Benefits.pdf 228.79 kB

Multi-Path Networking is a Key to Maximizing Cloud Value
- The Cloud Era is Here and It's Time to 'Evolve IT'. Authored by Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research

Whitepaper - Multi-Path Networking is the Key to Maximising Cloud Value by Zeus Kerravala.pdf 887.07 kB

eBook: 5 Reasons Why Enterprise are Moving to Broadband their WAN
Read how times have changed and why it's time to "Evolve IT".

E-Book - Silver Peak - 5 Reasons Why Enterprises are Moving to Broadband their WAN ebook_Final.pdf 2.40 MB

Dynamic Path Control: The Foundation for Your Hybrid WAN
Read why incorporating path control in your WAN is a critical step along the way to deploying an SD-WAN solution and see how Silver Peak's DPC is the most robust and dynamic tool available.

Whitepaper - Silver Peak Dynamic Path Control.pdf 743.39 kB

Can Broadband Change the WAN?
This report leads a discussion on: - How MPLS networks can no longer support the needs of the Cloud - The case for integrating broadband into your connectivity strategy - The evolving WAN and key technologies driving change

Whitepaper - Can Broadband Change the WAN by Moor Insights and Strategy.pdf 320.46 kB

eBook - 2017 SD-WAN Crystal Ball
2017 Trends: SD-WAN advances towards mainstream adoption. David Hughes, founder and CEO of Silver Peak, takes a look at what this year holds for networking technology.

E-Book - 2017 SD-WAN Crystal Ball.pdf 541.08 kB

eBook - Why Performance Matters When Building Your New SD-WAN
Not All SD-WANs are Equal - read this whitepaper to understand why performance really does matter when it comes to building your new SD-WAN.

E-Book - Why Performance Matters when Building Your New SD-WAN.pdf 583.34 kB