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Cyber security should be the CTO’s responsibility

Friday 24 February 2017

IP EXPO Manchester media partner Information Age's latest piece says, Cyber security has transitioned from an IT issue, to a business critical issue and its responsibility should lie with the CTO, according to Advanced's Jon Wrennall.

Pressure is mounting on chief technology officer’s (CTOs) to step up to the plate and protect British businesses from damaging cyber attacks.

These are the words of the CTO of Advanced, the UK’s third largest software and services company, and comes at a time when the threat of cyber attack is the biggest fear among businesses around the world, according to a new study of companies in 79 countries.

The role of the CTO is changing and the cyber security threat now falls on their shoulders.

The CTO of Advanced has published a recent white paper  on the need for CTOs to act as the new lynchpin for connecting the entire organisation and ensuring cyber security becomes a board level priority.

Jon Wrennall, in the report, commented that “Undoubtedly the role of CTO is on the ascent. Every position on the board can, and should, be a driving force for the business. However, given the impact that digital disruption is having on every single industry, the connected CTO is, I believe, best placed in our digital world to truly drive the associated benefits”.

“However, it therefore also falls to the CTO to both manage and overcome the connected threats as well. Indeed, CTOs are fundamentally not doing their job if they don’t achieve this.”

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