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Public cloud security remains in doubt but trust is on the rise

Tuesday 14 February 2017

According to IP EXPO Manchester media partner CBR, diminishing ability to view Shadow IT continues to slow adoption.

Since its inception the public cloud industry has been dogged by a perception of it being less secure, and while many organisations now deploy a cloud first strategy that doesn’t mean the fear factor has gone.

Although the trust and perception of public cloud services continues to improve, as is evident in the continuously growing size of the market, there remain risks and doubters.

According to the Intel Security’s cloud security report, ‘Building Trust in a Cloud Sky,’ those who trust public clouds now outnumber those who distrust them by more than 2-to-1. That’s mainly due to an increased understanding of the risks by senior management.

What this is leading to is more organisations storing sensitive data in the public cloud, with personal customer information the most likely type of data to be stored in public clouds, with 62% of respondents doing so.

However, it’s not all rosy in the public cloud world. An ongoing shortage of security skills is said to be continuing to affect cloud deployments, with almost half or the organisations surveyed citing this as a cause for slowing adoption or usage of cloud services.

While this may be the case, that isn’t stopping 36% of those feeling a scarcity of skills who are continuing with deployments.

Intel Security’s cloud security

One of the knock-on effects of a slower than expected public cloud adoption is that staff turn to services without the permission of IT. The report found that almost 40% of cloud services are now commissioned without the involvement of IT and visibility of these services has fallen to just under 47%, down from around 50% last year.

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