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The Data Deluge

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Data is the ever growing elephant in the room. Every time we go online, switch on our GPS enabled smartphones, WhatsApp someone, take a video, save a selfie to the cloud, or add some more hashtags to our Instagram posts, we’re adding to that huge volume of data. Every click and action leaves a digital footprint, with close to 4 billion people now online this adds up to a lot of data.


In fact, according to IBM, we produce over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day globally. The problem with so much data, is the risk of not being able to see the wood for the trees. That is to say, to isolate the data we want amidst the data deluge.


While for the most part companies understand the value of data and the need to safeguard it for use, managing large amounts of data brings with it many challenges, and many businesses are in a continuous loop equipping themselves to manage unstructured data.


But this data overload isn’t going to go away any time soon. We produced more digital data last year than in all of the digital age previously, and we are likely to do the same again this year. The problem is as tech evolves, as computer systems become more advanced, and more people come online, data grows at an exponential rate. To deal with this organisations need to step out of the loop and get a scalable data management and analysis system in place.


First and foremost is infrastructure and networking, it’s the backbone of any good data management Without the right network, the right storage, the right connections between the data and the people that need it, your data may as well be useless. After this there needs to be consideration in what insights you want to gain from the data, who’s going to be using those insights and how frequently do they need to be delivered. In answering these questions you can consider the different types of analysis you need, if it needs to be the quickest AI powered system around or uniquely tailored for fine detail or anything in between.


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