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New for 2017, Open Source at IP EXPO Manchester showcases the latest best practices and technologies from the industry. IT leaders can learn from top Open Source experts and see demos from the technology providers that can guide and advise.

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Open Source at IP EXPO Manchester gives IT leaders all the insight and technology they need to understand how Open Source can benefit their organisation.

The rapid expansion of open source impacts across every facet of the modern enterprise from cloud computing, big data, operating systems, to the Internet of Things (IoT).


Using an open source development methodology can be markedly different to a closed source equivalent. At Open Source Europe you can pick up practical tips from our seminars or take in technical demonstrations from a range of experts.

Operating Systems

Open Source operating systems, such as Linux, are now widely used across the enterprise and are used for all kinds of workloads and business critical applications. With a worldwide community of developers contributing to the source code it’s a proposition on the consideration list of forward looking IT leaders.


Security has become an integral part of all aspects of software development. Projects such as Linux and Apache are commonplace in enterprise IT systems and at Open Source Europe the security implications of using such open source projects (as well as closed source and proprietary software) will be debated in detail by a wealth of international experts.


Traditionally Open Source vs Proprietary has been billed as a battle of Ideology vs Practicality and despite the seemingly large operational benefits and costs savings of running open source the complexity, perceived risk and shortage of staff with the required skills (and their cost) was seen as a major deterrent. At Open Source Europe you will hear from end users at all stages of their journey giving you the opportunity learn from both their successes and setbacks.

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