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Harvey Lewis

Company: Ernst & Young LLP

Job Title: Associate Partner UK&I Tax Technology & Transformation

Harvey Lewis

Harvey Lewis is an Associate Partner at Ernst & Young LLP, a senior member of the Tax Technology and Transformation team, based in London.

Harvey is a real-life rocket scientist, technologist and thought leader with over 25 years of experience, which includes researching, developing and writing about artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, blockchain and other disruptive technologies. He has broad domain expertise, having served clients in the public, private and charity sectors.

Prior to joining EY in September 2017, Harvey was Deloitte's lead for artificial intelligence and cognitive computing in the UK, and also previously served as the lead for Deloitte UK's 65-person-strong research and thought leadership team. He is an accomplished writer and public speaker, winning the 2017 MCA Award for the best use of thought leadership for his research into the future of work.

Unusually, as well as being an accomplished leader and strategist, Harvey is a proficient data scientist with considerable experience of supervised and unsupervised machine learning, natural language processing, image processing, geospatial analysis, and social network analysis.

Harvey is a member of the Technology Advisory Panel for the Office for Tax Simplification in HM Treasury, and is a former member of the Open Data User Group, the Public Sector Transparency Board and the Advisory Committee to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI.

Harvey lives in the South Downs National Park with his wife and two sons.

Harvey Lewis Seminars

  • PANEL: IP EXPO Hot Topic Panel – Artificial Intelligence Wed 25th Apr 15:40 - 16:30

    PANEL: IP EXPO Hot Topic Panel – Artificial Intelligence

    No longer purely in the realms of science fiction the use of AI has exploded in the past few years, already being used to improve healthcare, enable self-driving cars, and stop security breaches. Undoubtedly the hottest topic in IT right now, AI is redefining how we live, interact and do business – it is set to have a profound impact on our everyday lives.

    Most companies already use AI to some degree, for example it is now commonplace as part of a spam filter. However it is accepted wisdom that in the future AI will become a core part of every company’s technology strategy. Learn what is already possible with AI directly from the companies using or developing this technology and discover what will be possible in the near future.


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    Wed 25th Apr 15:40 to 16:30

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