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Darren Swift

Darren Swift

Company: Zerto

Job Title: Principal System Engineer

Darren Swift is a Principal System Engineer covering EMEA for Zerto, prior to being at Zerto Darren was a systems engineer for EMC and has a wealth of experience covering 8 years in SAN\NAS, Virtualization, Disaster Recovery & Cloud technologies with a particular focus on Disaster Recovery technologies, Virtualization and cloud consultancy. Over his career Darren has helped many fortune 500 companies achieve their goals with his qualifications and knowledge on these technologies. Attend to see why and how Darren can help simplify, improve and future proof your disaster recovery strategy with Zerto 4.0 aka "Master of Disaster".

Darren Swift Seminars

  • Evolve Disaster Recovery to Embrace IT Resilience Wed 26th Apr 12:20 - 12:50

    Evolve Disaster Recovery to Embrace IT Resilience

    Zerto is committed to helping organizations deliver on their brand promise: to always have business-critical applications and data available to their customers, prospects and employees 24/7/365. Zerto Virtual Replication helps enterprises enhance their disaster recovery ‘insurance policy’ and embrace Resilience for Evolving ITTM by delivering seamless application mobility and portability, so organizations can leverage resources across public, private and hybrid clouds. Join us to see how enterprises gain confidence to withstand any disruption, incorporate new technology, and easily meet changing IT priorities.


    Darren Swift

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    Wed 26th Apr 12:20 to 12:50

    Hyperconvergence, Storage & Backup