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Elton Stoneman

Elton Stoneman

Company: Docker

Job Title: Developer Advocate

Twitter: Elton Stoneman

Elton is a Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight Author, and Developer Advocate at Docker, Inc. He has been architecting and delivering successful solutions with Microsoft technologies since 2000, most recently Big Data and API implementations in Azure, and distributed applications with Docker.
Currently Elton is interested the expansion of the Microsoft stack outside of the normal boundaries; exploring the great opportunities opening up with .NET Core running on Linux, .NET Framework apps running in Windows Containers, and Docker running on Azure.

Elton is a regular speaker at events and user groups – in 2016 he spoke at Microsoft’s Future Decoded and TechDays Online, at the WinOps Conference, Docker London and London DevOps. In 2017 he will be speaking at NDC London, DevSum, NDC Oslo, SDD London, and DockerCon.

Elton Stoneman Seminars

  • Where Docker fits in Windows Enterprises Wed 26th Apr 15:40 - 16:10

    Where Docker fits in Windows Enterprises

    Docker is revolutionizing how companies build and manage software. It's a platform which supports a simple workflow for building, shipping and running applications. Apps are packaged as a single unit in Docker - with all their dependencies and configuration settings in one place. That package can be shared on a public registry, or on a private registry in your enterprise. Anyone with access can download the package and run the application with a single command. And the application will behave the same way wherever you run it - on a laptop, or a server in the data centre, or a VM in the cloud - because the package contains everything it needs. In this session I'll cover where Docker fits in Windows enterprises, showing how Windows apps run in Docker, and what that means for development, operations and the business.


    Elton Stoneman

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    Wed 26th Apr 15:40 to 16:10

    Keynote Theatre