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Matt McNeill

Matt McNeill

Company: Google

Job Title: Head of Google Cloud Platform, UK & Ireland

Matt is Head of Google Cloud Platform business for the UK & Ireland, responsible for the business development, sales and account management teams.  We are focused on helping our customers in adopting and using Google’s Enterprise Cloud technologies, including Google Compute Engine, App Engine, BigQuery, Machine Learning and Big Data solutions.

Joined Google Enterprise in 2009 as UK & Ireland Industry Head for Retail, and worked with foresighted customers such as Burberry, Specsavers and Ocado to be the first of many retailers to adopt Google Apps for Business. In 2011 Matt took up the EMEA lead for Enterprise Business Solutions, and led the launch of the Google Cloud Platform compute and Big Data business in EMEA.  Matt then spent 2 years leading the account management for Google Cloud Platform in EMEA and responsible for managing the largest customer deployments and ongoing relationships in the region.

Previous 10 years experience in IT industry, managing CxO consultancy engagements, leading programme turnarounds, delivering offshore projects and designing and developing systems within the healthcare, telecommunications and space technology sections for Logica, the largest European IT Services vendor.

Matt McNeill Seminars

  • Architecting the Future: learnings from Google Wed 26th Apr 13:40 - 14:10

    Architecting the Future: learnings from Google

    Cloud is a rising trend, but one that is really in its infancy.  Google shares its view of the cloud as a platform-first mindset, opening the possibility of changing the fundamentals of computing to achieve new capabilities from compute architectures to data processing and machine learning. The next stage of machine intelligence offers both long and short term opportunities for those that can apply machine learning to analytics at web scale to relevant real world data that apply to your business.


    Matt McNeill

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    Wed 26th Apr 13:40 to 14:10

    Keynote Theatre