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Michael Hobbs

Michael Hobbs

Company: Accenture Digital

Job Title: Managing Director

Michael is a Managing Director in Accenture Digital, leading our Mobility and Internet of Things activities in the UK and Ireland.
He has a background in mobile technology that includes large business and start-ups.  He remains divided as to which he prefers, loving the innovation and focus of start-ups and also the reach and scale of working for a major company.  Above all he’s excited by how to get new things started.  He has a fascination for which propositions will work and which will ultimately fail and how to tip that balance.
Recent client work has focussed on: mobile banking and payments; the vexed question of app adoption; the application of IoT in both consumer and industrial contexts; voice agents and Artificial Intelligence.  

Michael Hobbs Seminars

  • Panel: The Future of IOT Thu 27th Apr 12:20 - 13:30

    Panel: The Future of IOT

    We’ve heard about IOT for a long time but how exactly can enterprise drive value from it? What can we learn from the early adopters and how do AI and analytics technologies effect the landscape? Making sense of this all against a terrifying backdrop of cyber security vulnerabilities is a difficult issue for enterprise technology leaders but the opportunity is too important to miss. This is a rare opportunity to hear from a stellar panel of world class experts who will layout the opportunities and threats for your enterprise to take full advantage of the Internet of Things.


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    Thu 27th Apr 12:20 to 13:30

    Keynote Theatre