IP EXPO Manchester 2019 - Zuhlke
3-4 April 2019 / Manchester Central

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Zuhlke Engineering are an agile software engineering company with over 850 staff in 13 offices throughout Europe. Zuhlke have extensive experience across multiple domains working with companies ranging from leading global banks and insurers through to disruptive med tech start-ups. Our strength is our ability to help companies develop innovative solutions through the use of technology; using ideation techniques and rapid prototyping through to the delivery of production systems.

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Zuhlke Seminars

  • Digital Innovation in Medical Gases Wed 25th Apr 12:20 - 12:50

    Digital Innovation in Medical Gases

    Linde Healthcare launched a new digital valve for hospital gas cylinders. The valve informed clinicians the amount of time that a cylinder had left to deliver gas. Rather than using a new cylinder in case it ran out, the existing inventory could be used more efficiently. Customers were somewhat sceptical of the full value, until… This case study shows how a lean start-up approach can be used to identify incremental business value within a healthcare environment, and deliver a tracking and monitoring solution customers value.


    Mike Hogg

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    Time / Place

    Wed 25th Apr 12:20 to 12:50

    IOT, analytics & AI Theatre

White papers

Central web portal monitoring construction machinery
How can the state of a construction machine in Siberia be checked from within the warm offices of company headquarters? Zuhlke solved this and other tasks with a mobile turnkey solution for a manufacturer of construction machinery.

pn_526_e_monitoring_building-machines_uk_mail.pdf 129.41 kB

Access control as a Service
In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), what will the business platform for access solutions look like? Zuhlke accompanied dormakaba from the initial idea to the implementation of the new exivo platform.

pn_825_e_access_control_as_a_service.pdf 116.81 kB

Industrial Innovation
Innovation was key in the prototyping of valuable applications enabled by a new gas cylinder valve.

pn_810_Industrial Innovation_uk_mail.pdf 115.47 kB