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CIOs Are Feeling the Need for Speed

Monday 12 March 2018

By Paul Mercina, Director of Product Management, Park Place Technologies

The pressure is on as IT leaders compete to harness an incredible onslaught of information most rapidly and to the greatest advantage.

And if they don’t? Cloud and aaS have freed internal customers to purchase nearly any IT service with the swipe of a corporate Amex. To them, IT’s protests about governance and compliance are little more than babble.

CIOs have realised they need to be the gateway to technology consumption and trusted advisors to the lines of business when it comes to their digital aspirations. But to achieve that position, the IT organizations they oversee must go faster.

Here are some suggestions on how to find the right balance:

According to Nigel Fenwick , an analyst at Forrester Research, IT has invested too much in software customization for basic business functions, and it’s added complexity and expense while compromising agility. The solution? Implement standardised systems for any business function or capability that isn’t a key differentiator, and focus IT specialisation on areas that do drive competitive advantage.

Bruce Myers of AlixPartners suggests budgets can be a key issue. He criticises the practice of benchmarking IT’s entire tab as a percentage of revenue. Instead, he suggests substituting “keeping the lights on” as a percentage of revenue as the better number to manage.

Unexpected repairs can derail otherwise great planning, consuming time and resources already in short supply. One option offloading such “keeping the lights on” functions—outsourcing.

This doesn’t always mean handing over the keys to the public cloud or a third-party data center management company. On-premises and collocated assets can be maintained by a third party as well. Bringing on a third party IT maintenance provider can drive significant cost-savings.

To operate at the speed of today’s business will require CIOs to carefully manage core IT, root out unnecessary customisation, account for it in a manner that leaves room for innovation projects, and hand off some maintenance tasks to partners who can increase budget predictability, service quality, and uptime.

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