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3-4 April 2019 / Manchester Central

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Transform your Security

Wednesday 21 March 2018

A new approach to making business content safe is revolutionising perimeter cyber security. Dispensing with the failed paradigms of threat detection and isolation, Deep Secure’s Content Threat Removal technology uses a unique process of transformation to ensure complete protection from known, zero day and unknown threats in business content.

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Transformation works by extracting the business information from the digital content received. The data carrying the information is then discarded and new safe data is created to carry the business information to its destination.

“Transformation is the only way to get ahead of the attackers and stay ahead, because it eliminates the threat and leaves no room for evasion techniques to be developed,” commented Deep Secure CTO Dr Simon Wiseman.

Content Threat Removal always delivers safe, threat-free content across the perimeter, without the need to detect the threat or isolate users from the business content they need. Zero day exploits, ransomware, steganography exploits, fileless malware and the threats inherent in polymorphic files are all removed. Content Threat Removal is deployed to ensure that threats are removed from content as it traverses the boundary in mail, Web browsing, file sharing and Web services applications.

“Content Threat Removal is radically different because it blocks the attacker’s path – forever,” said Dr Wiseman. “Nothing travels end-to-end but safe content. Attackers cannot get in and the business gets what it needs.”

Content Threat Removal with showcase at IP Expo on the Deep Secure stand.

Dr Simon Wiseman is CTO at Deep Secure. Catch him and the rest of the Deep Secure team at IP Expo Manchester 25-26 April 2018 on Stand 756.