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David Atkinson

Company: Senseon

Job Title: Founder and CEO

David Atkinson

With over fifteen years’ experience working within the UK’s specialist military units and Government environments, David is one of the best trained government cyber experts and through his business, Senseon has developed the most comprehensive, fully integrated cyber defence system available for businesses and government.

He has developed a range of specialist capabilities for cyber operations and information security challenges at both the strategic and operational level of both government and specialist military units. Indicative of his operational and technical expertise, David was responsible for the design and delivery of specialist military cyber operations courses and the development of innovative technology to support a range of challenging operational requirements.

David has conducted a range of command appointments requiring deep technical liaison and leadership within both multi-national and multi-agency environments to assure the delivery of key cyber projects and operations in complex environments. In his final role, David planned and managed a range of cyber operations, provided briefings on cyber defence to the highest level of the UK military and developed a future integration strategy for the employment of specialist cyber techniques.

David’s passion for all aspects of cyber results in frequent speaking engagements and advisories to law enforcement, government or private clients, whilst encapsulating his research in a range of training courses and certifications across a number of cyber-related disciplines.

David now continues his research and development on specialist cyber capabilities and technology for both public and private clients through Senseon.


David Atkinson Seminars

  • Beyond the anomaly: evolving the intelligence from artificial intelligence Wed 25th Apr 15:40 - 16:10

    Beyond the anomaly: evolving the intelligence from artificial intelligence

    Traditionally, cyber security solutions attempted to defend an organisation’s perimeter against threats. But without AI, these systems were inaccurate and inflexible, unable to keep pace with the volume and velocity of attacks or adapt to the dynamic nature of doing business. Even now, more advanced systems have significant failings. Single-point solutions are bolted together and the resulting jigsaw puzzle leaves blind spots between security applications that hackers can, and will, exploit.

    Even recent developments in machine learning technologies are unable to differentiate between behaviour that is anomalous and that which is truly malicious. This results in a high number of alerts, most of which are in fact false positives - wasting time and money. Organisations are increasingly ill-equipped to deal with the mounting volume of not only attacks, but alerts. Attackers and insider threat actors have the advantage, driven by accelerating complexity, the volume and variety of data and the cat-and-mouse game between the attacker and defender.


    David Atkinson

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    Wed 25th Apr 15:40 to 16:10

    Cyber Threat Protection