3-4 April 2019  |  Manchester Central

We’re back for our fifth year – and we’re excited to tell you all about what we’ve been working on to make IP EXPO Manchester 2019 better, bigger and cooler.

Who is IP EXPO for?

You! If you’re in IT or cyber security.

We’ve built a reputation as the best event for cloud, infrastructure and cyber security pros outside of London. But now we want you to tell your
colleagues working in data analytics, AI and software development as well as anyone working on IOT or Blockchain projects that IP EXPO Manchester is definitely for them too!

If you go to one event this year make it IP EXPO Manchester – it really does have something for everyone

If you don’t believe us, see what previous visitors have said…..

What is IP EXPO Manchester?

It’s only the best IT and cyber security event outside of London.

IT and cyber security get more challenging each year and IP EXPO Manchester is here to help you and your colleagues.

This year we will have:

  • More tech demos
  • More tech case studies
  • More vendors (with more freebies)
  • More training courses
  • More beer
  • Cooler speakers

Whatever your interest, pain points or aspirations we want there to be something here for you.

All this will be taking place at our six co-located events.

We’re grouping all these events into one mega event called – Digital Transformation EXPO all taking place at the same place and the same time – how convenient is that!

Why attend?

Achieve Grandmaster Status

With access to over 100 experts speakers, there is something to help every IT professional grow their skills, advance their expertise and accelerate their career.

It's all about you!

At IP EXPO Manchester, we understand that everyone's learning and development needs are different. So you can build your own personal seminar agenda.

Network, beer, network, beer

Our exhibition and networking bar are the ideal places to relax in between seminars and connect with people as cool as you as well as experts from all across IT.

See what the cool kids are doing

Be inspired and identify the latest trends straight from tech leaders like AWS, Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Splunk and IBM to name just a few!

Highlighted Features


Industry insight


Flaws in several self-encrypting SSDs allows attackers to decrypt data they contain
Flaws in several self-encrypting SSDs allows attackers to decrypt data they contain

The encryption system implemented by popular solid-state drives (SSDs) is affected by critical vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a local attacker to decrypt data.

Poor User Experience? DNS Can Help
Poor User Experience? DNS Can Help

Today, the user experience of digital services has the greatest impact on the perception of an organisation’s ability to operate competently and successfully in a digital world. It is the key competitive differentiator, and is essential for avoiding the risk of customer churn.

Tackling security in the public and private cloud
Tackling security in the public and private cloud

The Challenge: Modern data centre's are changing rapidly. Thanks to virtualisation, more and more organisations are shifting to resilient, on-demand, private cloud environments, delivering applications faster and more cheaply than ever before. Software defined data centre's (SDDCs) are the new norm. 

Good logging - the founadtion of operability for serverless and IoT
Good logging - the founadtion of operability for serverless and IoT

Serverless is an emerging “new normal” for web-based applications and services where the unit of deployment and billing is a single function a few lines of code in length. Serverless enables radical transparency in billing and radical ease of use for developers; when combined with with marketplace (“app store”) offerings from cloud vendors like AWS. 


Imago Techmedia unveils new Digital Transformation EXPO brand for 2018

Combining the power of the IP EXPO Event Series and Cyber Security Event Series with four new events, AI-Analytics X, Blockchain X, Internet of Things X and Developer X

Video News

IP EXPO is transforming in 2019

IP EXPO is transforming in 2019 to become Digital Transformation EXPO, begin your connected future in 2019 with six key Enterprise IT events all under ONE roof!”

Why exhibit at IP EXPO Manchester

Find out why exhibitors keep coming back to Manchester and their insight for top onsite operations, post show lead generation and ROI

IP EXPO Manchester 2018 best bits

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