Discover how IP EXPO can help to power your digital enterprise

IP EXPO Manchester is back for its fifth year and we want to show you how it’s bigger and better than ever before. The technology landscape continues to evolve at a frightening pace and we’ve worked hard on finding the key experts around the world who can give you the latest insight in to the new technology and practices now available.

If you are responsible for the IT in your organisation then you will find a wealth of new technologies and disruptive new thinking to support your plans.

IP EXPO Manchester This year we will have:

•             More tech demos

•             More tech case studies

•             More vendors (with more freebies)

•             More training courses

•             More beer

•             Cooler speakers


Whatever your interest, pain points or aspirations we want there to be something here for you.

What is IP EXPO?

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud-native technologies are growing fast, and multi-cloud and cloud-first strategies are becoming more common for more and more organisations. Thriving in the new vibrant cloud and infrastructure landscape is an increasingly complex job. IP EXPO Manchester will showcase experts and technologies to ensure your infrastructure and cloud doesn’t let you down and supports your journey through digital transformation


Projects worked on collaboratively are much more likely to be delivered to a higher standard, on time and on budget. For many companies though, whose workforces are spread across multiple locations, collaboration is extremely challenging. At IP EXPO you can see the latest products and practices available to make working collaboratively easier and more intuitive.

Service Desk

Whether your organisation calls it ITSM, Help Desk or Service Desk there is a wave of AI, chatbots and other automation promising to reduce cost and overhead of delivering technology support. Add to the mix the growth of experience level agreements, or XLAs, and the focus on customer service and experience there is no doubt technology is disrupting the service desk. We are in the early stages of a broader transformation in how enterprise organizations look at the role of support and IP EXPO Manchester will explore the changing role and new technologies to help drive this change. 


The world is digitally transforming around us at an ever faster rate and it is the developers who are literally building, improving and securing this new world. Ladies and gentlemen we are in the age of the developer!

The speed of change is gathering pace as a raft of disruptive new technologies and practices are maturing into a perfect storm. The developer track at IP EXPO Manchester will look at Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IOT, Quantum Computing, Mobile, Cloud, DevOps, DevSecOps and Serverless Computing technologies as well as matters effecting the developer community such as the talent shortage, inclusion and diversity.


With over 23 billion connected devices and that number set to more than double over the next few years, enterprises in all verticals are seeing the huge opportunities to their business by harnessing IoT technology. The IOT track at IP EXPO Manchester is tailor made for the technology leader who is keen to understand the very latest capabilities of IoT solutions and platforms along with learning from some of the world’s most influential IoT thinkers.


How is Blockchain going to impact businesses? With very few mature use cases for us all to analyse the understanding of Blockchain capabilities can be quite low. With our Blockchain stream IP EXPO Manchester will endeavour to cut out the hype and deliver the hard reality of what Blockchain technology is doing right now, what platforms are being used successfully and what is feasible over the next year or so.

Industry insight


Poor User Experience? DNS Can Help
Poor User Experience? DNS Can Help

Today, the user experience of digital services has the greatest impact on the perception of an organisation’s ability to operate competently and successfully in a digital world. It is the key competitive differentiator, and is essential for avoiding the risk of customer churn.

Tackling security in the public and private cloud
Tackling security in the public and private cloud

The Challenge: Modern data centre's are changing rapidly. Thanks to virtualisation, more and more organisations are shifting to resilient, on-demand, private cloud environments, delivering applications faster and more cheaply than ever before. Software defined data centre's (SDDCs) are the new norm. 

Will serverless fulfill the expectations of cloud?
Will serverless fulfill the expectations of cloud?

The term cloud computing became popular somewhere halfway the first decade of this century, short before the launch of Amazon S3 and EC2. In the little over 10 years since, we have come a long way. However, I believe we still have to uncover the full potential of cloud computing. Although not part of the formal characteristics of cloud computing, there have been are two simmering expectation of cloud computing that we have failed to meet up to now. 

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